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CeDeFi Exchange Unizen | Altcoin Gems #3 GIVEAWAYS

October 30, 2021 Season 2 Episode 3
Altcoin News Podcast |
CeDeFi Exchange Unizen | Altcoin Gems #3 GIVEAWAYS
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Podcast Description Altcoin Gems:

Unizen, token ticker: $ZCX is an Exchange-based utility token, created on the Ethereum blockchain; Unizen is a CeDeFi Exchange.

"Money never sleeps. Thanks for tuning in."

Unizen is the first CeDeFi exchange to combine the functionality of first-party and third-party CEX's and DEX's in order to meet the needs of both retail and institutional traders.

Unizen wants to make all digital assets available for our users in an easy-to-use, secure and highly compliant manner to get the latest and greatest at the top of the queue.

Unizen is a Smart CeDeFi Ecosystem, currently collaborating with multiple exchanges like: Binance Cloud,  Uniswap, SifChain, able to find the most cost efficient trades across a multitude of exchange modules.

ZCX is an exchange-based utility token, created on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token, Unizen Exchange operates on top of Binance Cloud’s trading and security infrastructure. The functionality of ZCX is analogous to that of BNB on Binance.

ZCX holders have the ability to stake their tokens to earn a variety of other token assets, Staking ZCX will also earn stakers tickets, which allows entrance to invest in early rounds of ZenX projects, along with Unizen hosted IEO's in the future.


Red Packet Passphrase Giveaway

24 HR Time Limit
200 Non-repeatable Winners
All red packets beyond the time limit will be auto-destroyed.

Download Mobile Application here.
Navigate to the Passphrase Input Sub-Menu on your App
Redeem Passphrase to Wallet

Stay tuned to a series of giveaways coming to ZCX. Twitter: Youtube:


Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast is for informational purposes only. Trading cryptocurrencies comes with high risks, so make sure to do your own research before committing your capital to any investment.


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