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Use Traditional Currency On The Blockchain | $EURT/$XAUT | Altcoin Gems #14

December 31, 2021 Season 1 Episode 14
Altcoin News Podcast |
Use Traditional Currency On The Blockchain | $EURT/$XAUT | Altcoin Gems #14
Show Notes Altcoin Gems Series #14

"Money never sleeps. Thanks for tuning in." 

Did you know that there is now a rival to the omnipresent USDT? The new USDT rivals are the EURt and the Tether Gold XAUt. The new EURT is a one-to-one representation of the euro currency while the XAUt is the digital asset for a fine ounce of gold. 

The Euro version of USDT has been launched by the same company that operates USD Tether (USDT). The platform issues tokens based on blockchain technology that is linked to the value of government currencies like the Euro, the Dollar, and the Chinese Yuan. It utilizes a decentralized network to mirror the Euro, providing a means of exchanging value in crypto while using a familiar accounting unit.

At the same time, TG Commodities Limited offers Tether Gold (XAUt) as a digital asset. One Tether Gold (XAUt) token represents one troy ounce of gold. The XAUt token can be fractionalized up to six decimals to make transactions manageable.

In addition, XAUt holders will acquire undivided ownership rights to gold on the specified gold bar(s). Each gold bar is identifiable by its unique serial number, purity, and weight. XAUT holders can at any time track the gold bars associated with their addresses by visiting the Lookup feature on the website.

As a result, you can now backup your money with XAUt with gold backup.

*Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast is for informational purposes only. Trading cryptocurrencies comes with high risks, so make sure to do your own research before committing your capital to any investment.

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