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Playermon P2E GameFi | $PYM | Altcoin Gems #15

January 04, 2022 Season 1 Episode 15
Altcoin News Podcast |
Playermon P2E GameFi | $PYM | Altcoin Gems #15
Show Notes Transcript Altcoin Gems Series #15

"Money never sleeps. Thanks for tuning in." 

Official Playermon:

Playermon is a boundless Play to Earn Game where anyone can explore and battle in the universe with their favorite space companions called Playermons!

 Players are able to colonize planets, earn resources, and battle other players with their Playermons

$PYM token is the governance and benefit token of Playermon, which enables all these processes in playermon, contributes in 3 different ways. Governance, in-game payment method and defi component. Especially in the Governance module, Token holders will be able to shape and vote for the direction of the game universe.

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*Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast is for informational purposes only. Trading cryptocurrencies comes with high risks, so make sure to do your own research before committing your capital to any investment.

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Welcome back Hunters! I hope everyone’s had the opportunity to reflect on 2021 and make way for 2022.

New year, new goals. Let’s get it.

In 2021, the Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse had seen explosive growth with several projects reaching nearly $10B market cap, one of which, known to pretty much everyone, is Axie Infinity with its dominating success at $7B valuations.

In 2022, who knows what’s going to happen in crypto, but that’s precisely why we created the Altcoin Gems series, to introduce new gems and potential opportunities.

In today’s episode, we’ll be dissecting Playermon, a Play to Earn Game launched on the Polygon network for Android and Windows users. In this metaverse, players can explore and battle with their favorite space companions known as Playermons. Players are able to colonize planets, mine resources, and engage in P2P battles. 

The team behind Playermon believes that one of the key factors to keeping the players staying and earning in the ecosystem is by introducing a reward mechanism that’s both lucrative and addictive. Playermon is able to achieve this by using the Polygon blockchain which keeps gas fees low while maintaining fast transaction speed for everyone in the ecosystem.

While Playermon offers the opportunity to play and earn with the Archorland PvE mode, the Tower of Creator mode promises players even more fun and profitable minutes with PvP. In addition, players will be able to buy, trade, breed and earn in-game assets from an in-game marketplace known as Planet Radix. 


The $PYM token is the governance and utility token of Playermon, which enables all these processes in the ecosystem, including Governance, Payment, and Interoperability.  $PYM is especially important in the shaping of a sustainable GameFi Dapp during governance and voting.


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